Royal Management Services Inc.

Royal Management Services Inc. supplies the day to day management activities for the Group, including all administration responsibilities. All property management for the Group is handled internally by Royal Management Services Inc. Our customized property management system allows us to fully control our projects with the assistance of our on site management team.

Royal Management Services Inc.At Royal Management we offer complete real estate development services. Developing a project from its initial concept to build out and turnover to the owner/tenants has been the focal point of our business. Whether you are considering land development, residential, or commercial projects, Royal Management Services Inc. brings together the expertise to complete your project. From start to finish, we offer a single point of responsibility, providing a comprehensive reporting, tracking, and mortgage draw system allowing the client to concentrate on core business operations. Royal Management Services Inc. is proud to have played an integral role in the development of over 2 million square feet of commercial construction, numerous multi-family projects and servicing of hundreds of acres of land.